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59...And Then The End Will Come w/ Brandon Andress pt 1

When is the end of the world? Author/blogger/podcaster Brandon Andress (starts at 35:00) doesn't have the answer. But he does have excellent thoughts on how to engage in the world now, no matter what you think about the future.
Also, Tony Robbins can't clap, Jeff's 4 y/o finds something in his mom's throat & Scott plans his early mid-life crisis.

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55. (Unedited) Marital Submission

A raw, unedited, unfiltered & unplanned episode on marriage. Who submits to who? No matter how you set up marital "roles" on paper, how do they actually function? We (try to) get there. No matter your view, we're sure to press buttons. Which means you should listen. And we're glad you're here. Love you! 

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52. The Reverend Sarah Heath

Sarah Heath (@RevSarahHeath) is in studio at the world headquarters of the BBBPod! 
Shaking off  a car wreck earlier in the day, she shares how and why she became a pastor, rebuilding a church community, spills the beans on a potential podcast idea & talks about the importance of story. Plus, why is it that the only resistance she gets for being a pastor comes from drunk dudes that went to Biola? This. Was. A. Blast.

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50. Jason Stellman (Drunk Ex-Pastor)

Jason Stellman joins us to talk about his new book, "Misfit Faith: Confessions of a Drunk Ex Pastor" and his podcast, "Drunk Ex Pastors". Over the years his faith has shifted multiple times. We talk about it, and it is good. Check out the book and the podcast. More info at

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48. Godspeed Podcast & Trump Phones In

Ryan and Jameson from Godspeed Podcast (@godspeedpodcast) join us to talk the hows and whys of belief & faith, podcasting & so much more. Plus Jeff has a life lesson from Sea Biscuit. Is Zack's moral compass failing? And President Trump calls in! Whaaaaaa?

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44. Philip Black

Philip Black joins the BBB! Philip is an actor, history teacher, fiance and former missionary kid in Russia. A fascinating story involving identity crisis, rejecting faith, crazy self awareness, Putin impressions & a bad joke by Zack leads to some brutal honesty from Philip. Plus Jeff had a marriage epiphany, beer reviews in 5 words or less and listener feedback!

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