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29. Death and Rebirth in Marriage Part 2

We start off part 2 with Jeff and Tonya's wedding, according to Jeff the worst day of his life. Spoiler alert: Jeff gets punched. By Tonya. Have you ever heard something described as "a train wreck falling off the empire state building crushing everything underneath it and shrapnel flying everywhere?" No? Well you're about to. And yet they're still married all these years later. We find out how.

NOTE: Zack, Scott & Jeff recorded a short intro with our thoughts on episode 28 and sets up 29. Audio quality is not good. Even for us. Jeff blames the devil and spiritual warfare. But actually we recorded on a cell phone headphone mic by mistake (Zack's fault). Silver lining is, via the Contrast Principal the rest of the episode sounds a lot better. Here's to optimism! Grace Peace Cheers!

Jeff, Scott & Zack Featuring: Tonya Pearson & Lisa Krater (from Grace Space Podcast)

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