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93. Brandon Andress Returns! (Finding Peace in the Age of Outrage)

Brandon Andress joins us to talk about his excellent new book, "Beauty In The Wreckage: Finding Peace In The Age Of Outrage". Brandon is a prophetic voice for our time calling us to move beyond the "either or" & "in or out" mentality. Get into it and let us know what you think!

Beauty in the Wreckage is a profound and poetic book that explores: What it means to experience life to the fullest in the middle of so much pain and suffering, hostility and division, stress and anxiety. Moving beyond the labels, hierarchies, stereotypes, antagonisms, and divisions within our culture and society. The possibility of experiencing life to the fullest once you have been through painful and traumatic life situations or suffering. How the experience of shalom leads to a deeper life of transformation and invites us to become who we were always meant to be. How a deeply-rooted and intimately-connected community, or family, nourishes and strengthens us to experience greater depths of shalom. How the experience of shalom not only transform us individually and relationally, but also begins to transform our communities and our world. - - Buy Beauty In The Wreckage HERE! Be sure to check out his excellent podcast "Outside The Walls"

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