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19. The Perry Noble Guarantee

Eyo!!! Perry Noble's Newspring Church has a 90 day giving challenge with a no questions asked money back guarantee if you're not blessed! Discussion ensues. Plus: Why all the grunting at the gym? Also, Dimethyl Sulfoxide may be unsafe for humans, so why the hell is Jeff rubbing it on his body for?

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Featuring: Greg Hoekman, Scott Hulbert, Jeff Pearson & Zack Krater

Resourses: Newspring tithe refund, DMSO

18. Forgiveness (of the Don Henley Variety?)

Back by popular demand! We play a game loosely titled "Who Said It? Hitler or Presidents". Followed by a robust conversation (we don't all see things the same!) regarding forgiveness. What did it mean when Jesus said, "Father forgive them..."? Was it just a request? Was something bigger going something YUUUGE?  What do you think? Be apart of the show and discussion. Send comments to: FEEDBACK@BROSBIBLESBEER.COM or comment at BBBPOD.COM

Featuring: Dave H, Scott H, Zack K, Jeff P, Matt S

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16. Mammoth Jesting

We took the show on the road! The road back to Southern California from Mammoth that is. 

Jeff Biblically assaults Scott unintentionally. Turns out Scott was in a cult for a few weeks. Did that turn him into a legalist? We explore that a bit before responding to superfan Dave's suggestion to "tame the tongue". Is there a line to cross for "course jesting" and can Zack see Scott from the other side of it? Also, should there be a church for beer fans?

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Featuring: @mrjeffpearson, Matt S, Scott H (@theologyexplore), Zack K and John Chapman

14. Caucus Talkus


Caucus? Damn near killed us! Super Bowl predictions. The Panthers have a secret weapon! Jeff's 6th grade class thinks Bernie Sanders is racist? Is Trump just saying what the rest of the field wishes they could? Why do Republicans have to establish Jesus cred? Why legislating morality is stupid. Is Ted Cruz doing an impression when he prays?

Featuring: Jeff & Zack

Featured Song: "Let Me In" from Ryan Kirkland's album "Awake" Get it HERE!

Resourses: Matt Walsh's "Dear Christians..."      Panther's secret weapon    Sky Jethani's "Christianism"    SNL's Jay Pharoah's Ben Carson

12. Thirteen Laws


Ever entered the congregation of the Lord with damaged man-parts? Ladies, ever defended your man in a fight by grabbing another man's secrets? No? Well you probably have a tattoo. What else are you doing that the Bible forbids? Prepare for an out of context experience.

Featuring Jeff, Scott & Zack

11. Your Love Definition Needs Work


New Year's resolutions for the weak? The corrections department call Jeff and Scott to repent, Jeff and Tonya butt heads over parenting styles, why your religious/political identity makes you angry, Scott and Zack have, lets just say, a robust conversation over defining how we love people, and many more audio morsels for your consuming pleasure.

Featuring: Jeff, Scott & Zack

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Why so serious? It's not like they're in a band or anything.

10. Gender Fluid Jesus

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Is Jesus gender fluid?!?! Christians get trolled again. An old woman takes "If you see something, say something" too far. Does swearing on the Bible really matter? Christians submitting to authority? Iron clad answers coming your way (actually just opinions). Also, Matt's 3rd car gets towed and the only possible reason is spiritual attack...?

Featuring Matt, Scott & Zack (and a little Lisa)


8. Ham Sandwich (Ken Style)


Merry Christmas! In a non Christmas episode, John MacArthur pulls his college from CCCU because too many schools don't teach Genesis literal enough. Good move...or is it? How important is nailing Genesis? Differing  opinions abound.  Also, Zack forgets that he's the tooth fairy. And if you set up a drinking game around the phrase "good grief", you're in trouble.

Links: Ken Ham Likes John MacArthur   MacArthur's Email to The Masters College

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

6. We all Have Doubts (unless you're Jeff)

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Franklin Graham said He's never doubted God. Zack has a problem with that, which leads to a discussion on our own doubts (if any, Jeff!). Miscommunications with Siri, and Zack and Lisa recap their baby making discussion with their oldest daughter.

Jeff, Scott, Zack & Lisa

Resources: Franklin Graham doesn't doubt   Bedeviled by my wife's dementia

Left to right doubt scale: 100%, 95%, 60%

5. The Birds and the Cheese (Grater)

Zack and Lisa are gearing up to have "the talk" with their kids, so we talk about it. Jeff wonders what we should measure ourselves against, soulmates pt 2 (or is it pt 1 redux?), some impractical talk on practical theology, all while Scott loses at fantasy football. Cheers!

With Zack, Matt, Jeff, Scott, Greg & Lisa!

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Guess which one of us didn't go to Harvard

4. The Helmet of Fortitude

Ballast Point going public? Buy us some shares! A Playboy distraction, Matt wants to marry the Become Good Soil podcast, Zack puts on the fake armor of God, how making your wife jealous is an excellent aphrodisiac, and the guys talk about the wives "re-entry" from the retreat.

Featuring: Scott Hulbert @halfminority, Zack Krater, Jeff Pearson, Matt Sather

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Resources: Become Good Soil Podcast , Ballast Point going public

3. God told me you're my soulmate

Waiting for God to appoint a soulmate to you? Or perhaps God's match for you is online? All the wisdom and knowledge of who you're supposed to be with are JUST within you ear's grasp. Sensitive ears may hear a word or two they don't like. Please aurally consume this responsibly. 

Featuring: Justin Blank & Scott Hulbert (both single, ladies), Greg Hoekman(at least for a bit), Zack Krater & Jeff Pearson

Music: "Thirst" by Ryan Kirkland