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4. The Helmet of Fortitude

Ballast Point going public? Buy us some shares! A Playboy distraction, Matt wants to marry the Become Good Soil podcast, Zack puts on the fake armor of God, how making your wife jealous is an excellent aphrodisiac, and the guys talk about the wives "re-entry" from the retreat.

Featuring: Scott Hulbert @halfminority, Zack Krater, Jeff Pearson, Matt Sather

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Music: "Among Lions" from Ryan Kirkland's album, "Wanderer" available now!!!

Resources: Become Good Soil Podcast , Ballast Point going public

3. God told me you're my soulmate

Waiting for God to appoint a soulmate to you? Or perhaps God's match for you is online? All the wisdom and knowledge of who you're supposed to be with are JUST within you ear's grasp. Sensitive ears may hear a word or two they don't like. Please aurally consume this responsibly. 

Featuring: Justin Blank & Scott Hulbert (both single, ladies), Greg Hoekman(at least for a bit), Zack Krater & Jeff Pearson

Music: "Thirst" by Ryan Kirkland