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13. Silent Fight

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...And sometimes babes! Zack's wife Lisa joins us for a chat about how they argue & manage expectations. Make-up sex is a thing. Jeff started his "walk" with zero bible knowledge. Zack's perfect parenting is derailed by evil thoughts. Should we just give a portion of grace? Jeff wants more then that from Scott. Gonna need a big bow to tie up this one.

featuring: Jeff, Lisa, Scott & Zack

3. God told me you're my soulmate

Waiting for God to appoint a soulmate to you? Or perhaps God's match for you is online? All the wisdom and knowledge of who you're supposed to be with are JUST within you ear's grasp. Sensitive ears may hear a word or two they don't like. Please aurally consume this responsibly. 

Featuring: Justin Blank & Scott Hulbert (both single, ladies), Greg Hoekman(at least for a bit), Zack Krater & Jeff Pearson

Music: "Thirst" by Ryan Kirkland