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17. Size Matters?

Big? Small? Just Right? How do you like church? Does it even matter? Also, Zack may be misusing all of that podcast income. Did you know that saying "some say" in front of whatever you're going to say, allows you to say almost anything. And Zack may have tried to start a rumor about Marco Rubio. 


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14. Caucus Talkus


Caucus? Damn near killed us! Super Bowl predictions. The Panthers have a secret weapon! Jeff's 6th grade class thinks Bernie Sanders is racist? Is Trump just saying what the rest of the field wishes they could? Why do Republicans have to establish Jesus cred? Why legislating morality is stupid. Is Ted Cruz doing an impression when he prays?

Featuring: Jeff & Zack

Featured Song: "Let Me In" from Ryan Kirkland's album "Awake" Get it HERE!

Resourses: Matt Walsh's "Dear Christians..."      Panther's secret weapon    Sky Jethani's "Christianism"    SNL's Jay Pharoah's Ben Carson

11. Your Love Definition Needs Work


New Year's resolutions for the weak? The corrections department call Jeff and Scott to repent, Jeff and Tonya butt heads over parenting styles, why your religious/political identity makes you angry, Scott and Zack have, lets just say, a robust conversation over defining how we love people, and many more audio morsels for your consuming pleasure.

Featuring: Jeff, Scott & Zack

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Why so serious? It's not like they're in a band or anything.